Sea Creature Grotesque Dark Starman Martin Brothers

Unique Grotesque Sea Creature 1898

Sculptured by Robert Wallace Martin, January 1898. Salt glazed stoneware, fashioned as a fantastic smiling sea-creature, its hands outstretched, in a matte glaze, 8 in high ( 20.3 cm ) x 12 in ( 30.5 cm ) x 12 in ( 30.5 cm )

incised signature R.W.Martin & Bros. London & Southall 1-1898 and RWM Sc

Provenance: Philips London, The Harriman Judd Collection, The Manney Collection.

A photograph of this piece is in the archive of the Local History Collection of the London Borough of Ealing.

Exhibited at the Master Piece Collection, London 2013 Sinai & Sons